Mallaskoski Craft Beers Trust Teamblue

We are happy to welcome

Mallaskoski Craft Beers in the Teamblue World


Rural and dark Northern nature has always been the fountain of inspiration for brewing at the Finnish Mallaskoski brewery. In our beers you can taste the strong Nordic temper and the world’s cleanest waters.

At Mallaskoski the sun doesn’t shine, life isn’t rosy, nor people shoot the breeze.
In 1921 the founder of the brewery, Johan Wallenius, started the making of his beverages in a dreary washhouse.

In 1928 Wallenius decided to buy land next to rumbling falls near by, and built a factory there. Already then their beer was known around the country for it’s exquisiteness and was even shipped abroad.

Even today the murky Mallaskoski beers are man made, without additives, using the same traditional yeast and the world’s most pure water while the thundering falls grumble in the background.

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